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Public Affairs is an area of strategic communications which focuses on establishing the best possible operating conditions for companies and their services and products. Public Affairs management is all about providing our clients with strategic and operational support in their dealings with political bodies, trade associations and society at a wider level.

The central hub for Public Affairs work at HNS is our Bern office. Our partners work to internationally recognized quality standards and use their own platforms to represent client interests. We are also part of FIPRA, the world’s most extensive international public affairs network.

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Global FIPRA Network

The FIPRA Network is the world’s leading international public affairs advisory network. Based in Brussels, its members include the best advisors on public affairs, public policy and regulation. The network extends across approximately 60 countries and is made up of owner-managed companies that are committed to international public affairs standards and quality processes. Quality is ensured by an independent committee, and leadership is provided by an advisory global board. The global network is chaired by HNS Partner Dominique Reber. The network can provide HNS clients with advisory and practical support on government relations and regulatory issues all over the world.

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Schönreden war gestern

Victor Schmid (ed.)
Klartext – Schönreden war gestern
Auseinandersetzungen und Erfahrungen mit Kommunikation
With collages by Wojtek Klimek
ISBN 978-3-7272-7072-8


Schönreden war gestern

Victor Schmid (Hrsg.)
Klartext – Schönreden war gestern
Auseinandersetzungen und Erfahrungen mit Kommunikation
Mit Collagen von Wojtek Klimek
ISBN 978-3-7272-7072-8

Lockdown confirmed that during a crisis, plain speaking is the only thing the general public will accept. Within businesses too, people are desperate for clear messaging. So what qualities does a message need if it is to really land?

In the book “Klartext – Schönreden war gestern” (Plain-speaking – no place for fancy words any more), leading figures from politics, business, academia and culture, alongside the experienced communication consultants at HNS, explore the nature of modern communications.

The various articles and conversations collected in the book examine what communicators have to do today to effect real change, win over the public and shape the narrative.

Conversations with:

Christoph Brand, CEO AXPO
Astrid Epiney, Rector of Freiburg University
Martina Fehr, Director of MAZ
Gerhard Friesacher, Entrepreneur
Petra Gössi, President of FDP Schweiz
Hans Hess, President of Swissmem
Thomas Hirschhorn, Installation Artist
Christian Levrat, President of SP Schweiz
Martin Schröder, Happiness Researcher
Rolf Soiron, Business Leader
Walther Thurnherr, Federal Councilor

Public Affairs Academy

We hold a regular cycle of Public Affairs Academies for communications managers from major firms and associations, as well as public affairs professionals. By means of practical examples and a dissertation, participants learn about the HNS public affairs methodology in four modules centering on public affairs strategy and projects.


Public Affairs Academy for Executives

Many CEOs and directors find it hard to navigate their way around Switzerland’s democratic institutions: talking to cantonal governments and members of parliament, working with trade associations and much more besides can seem new and difficult to understand. To help overcome the initial hurdles we have developed a personal, individualized program specifically aimed at foreign business leaders who want to take on a role in Switzerland and who want to enter and move confidently around the Swiss political arena.


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